Wireless Technology

Our team at Smartel is consistently adapting and creating new and innovative ways to keep pace with wireless technology within the ever evolving wireless industry. We value the feedback of our clients and implement the latest most effective business strategies on the market.

Account Boss is a cutting edge wireless account management tool that:

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>  Delivers REAL TIME voice, data and text usage throughout the billing period.

>  Creates a proactive approach to managing your wireless account rather than reacting to excess charges on your monthly invoice.

>  Allows administrators to easily check the status of all users, equipment and plans.

>  Sends out real time automated email notifications to alert administrators of potential misuse or overage charges.

>  Allows you to organize usage information and optimize plans (i.e.: data, texting, N&W, directory assistance, etc.) in ways that makes sense for your company.

>  Offers reporting and cost allocation tools to process invoices with ease, cutting costs and saving time in accounting and IT departments.

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Smartel Case Study

Healthcare Client

565 lines of service
Annual Savings: $72,000.00 / 25%
Reduced excess lines by 7%